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Atraktos is a multi- purpose social impact nest aiming to inspire people and equip them with the necessary tools to make positive changes in their field and co- create a better tomorrow.

Atraktos believes in the uniqueness that lays in all of us. We aim to create an open space that is a platform for dialogue, sharing ideas, exchanging mindsets, shaping the future. We want to build an open hub for art, science and culture and science. A space for events, workshops, co-work but also a community of extraordinary units. 

In Atraktos, the discussion is always open. Collective feeling, religion, science, technology, society and more come to the table. Tabula rasa, we are here to explore uncharted waters. We aspire to explore known and unknown paths. Lead the way to change.

Atraktos is in all forms socially inclusive. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, race, national origin, color, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, 

We aim to gaze at the world as we dream it, as we believe it should be. As the best version of ourselves. 

Atraktos envisions to connect the dots. To push perceptions. To challenge the status quo.








Theater has 140 seats, a stage of 45 sq.m. (9 m. x 5 m.), 2 dressing rooms with WC and showers, video projector, projection screen, stage backdrop, sound and microphone installation, wireless network and network sockets.



The creator's room is an independent space, 64 sq, with a capacity of 55 people, with 4 tilting tables (130 cm x 75 cm) and 4 work benches (160 cm x 90 cm), a video projector and a projection screen (200 cm x 200 cm ), wireless network and network sockets.

Suitable space for educational programs, workshops, group meetings and small presentations.